Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs

ANVC History

The Association of Norfolk Car Clubs (ANCC) was established to promote contact between car clubs in the region and to encourage joint events.

One such event was ‘Cars In The Park’ which took place on the first Tuesday evening of July. It was held at the Dunston Hall Hotel in Norwich until 2005.

Its successor, the Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs was established in 2013 and managed by Dave Kent (Norwich MGOC) until March 2016.

Its remit was to provide a communications link for all clubs involved in the classic car scene in Norfolk and the surrounding area.

The Association was relaunched in April 2016.


ANVC Founding Members

David Kent (Norwich MG Owners Club)

Chris Liles (Stag Owners Club, Norfolk Area Co-ordinator)

Peter Thomas (Norwich MG Owners Club)

Roy Beckley (North Norfolk Classic Vehicle Club)

Brian Norton (North Norfolk Morris Minor Owners Club)

John Staveley (Norfolk Jaguar Drivers Club)

David Solomon (Wensum TR Group)